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International Zero Tolerance Day against FGM 2022

This year’s theme is Accelerating Investment to End Female Genital Mutilation


investing in programmes to provide services and response for those affected and those at risk and in developing and enforcing laws and fortifying institutional capacity to address eradicating female genital mutilation. Empowering girls, too, with access to education, health care and income opportunities, can accelerate the demise of this harmful practice with no known medical or health benefits. -->

This year we are celebrating the FGM Zero Tolerance Day - 6th February in Mara where we are going to team up with ATFGM- Masanga, Hope for Women and Girls, Plan International and the Children Dignity Forum who are on the ground and are members of the National Anti-FGM Coalition which NAFGEM is the Chair. We shall have field visits and a Symposium on the 7th February which will be attended by 5 ministers and other dignitaries. It is going to be a National event which will engage a lot of partners.


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