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Female Circumcisers and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) Ending FGM

Along with other community members, female circumcisers are invited to attend a 4 day training programme on women's health, the anatomy and physiology of female genital organs, women’s human rights, FGM and its side-effects. They also have the chance to discuss the possibility of introducing alternative rites of passage.

Before the government prohibited Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) from conducting deliveries in the villages, NAFGEM trained some TBAs and supplied them with basic delivery kits. Since these are influential members of the community, especially among women and girls, NAFGEM believes it is necessary to properly engage them in initiatives which will bring about a shift away from harming women to more positive socio-economic activities.

Thus far, NAFGEM has trained 520 TBAs and female circumcisers in the 7 districts of the Kilimanjaro region and Simanjiro. At the end of the training, these women all agreed that they would no longer continue with the practice. On several occasions, NAFGEM organized public ceremonies to receive tools used by the circumcisers who decided to abandon the practice; a follow up was also conducted to ensure that they remained true to their word. Many former circumcisors and TBAs are currently engaged in various socio-economic activities to ensure that they are not tempted to return to old habits.

NAFGEM aims to expand these initiatives into other areas affected by FGM and child marriage. 

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